Draga mea mamica


Here’s a nice little treat. Earlier in the day, we told you about Guillermo del Toro’s new producing gig, a flick called MAMA, from director Andy Muschietti and his sister Barbara. The new film is based on an award-winning short film of the same name.

Wouldn’t ya know it, but we’ve got MAMA for you right here! Just take a look below and give us some feedback – do you think this will make a cool feature film? It’s under three minutes, so there is no excuse for you not to watch it. I don’t care if your ass is on fire, you can spare three lousy minutes to watch the work of some potential rising stars in the world of horror. Now watch. Waaaatchhh…

Cu toate ca am vazut destule filme Horror la viata mea si sunt un impatimit al genului, nu credeam ca as putea sa am pielea gainii in 3min de la un scurt metraj gen “MAMA” . :wow:

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3 Responses to “Draga mea mamica”

  1. song says:

    pentru fanul meu numarul 1?!? of course!

  2. JorJ says:

    ai vazut ca ai reusit ?! :cool:

  3. song says:

    song: misto ala cu Mom sefu…
    meK: ms
    meK is typing a message.
    meK: poti sa dai si un comment
    song: cum?!?!11@@@

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