SOTW 09-01-10


If you’re into catchy vocals hooks and finger-licking house beats, Eric Chase has served you an A-class meal. ‘If You Tolerate This’ comes hot out of the Chase studio, where he’s mingled the warm classical touch of piano and strings with an ice-cool beat and ingenious maze of melody. The vocal hook is inspired by Manic Street Preachers’ ‘If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next’, a number one hit in 1998. There’s nothing 1998 about Eric Chase’s sound though, since ‘If You Tolerate This’ is a true gem for the new sounds that 2010 will set forth.

Weekend placut …

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3 Responses to “SOTW 09-01-10”

  1. Soby says:șov-17-ianuarie-2010
    Te asteptăm și pe tine. Dacă vrei să vi click pe imagine și lasă un comentariu.

  2. JorJ says:

    Care imagine ? :))

  3. DragosI says:

    Super melodia…:D

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